Life sciences procurement has never been quicker to launch and easier to maintain.

2018 Life Sciences Spend Profile

Information Technology

 •Sourcing new and innovative technology partners is critical to bringing cost-effective and comfortable services and products to such sophisticated and demanding customers

•By compressing the amount of time between sourcing a supplier, contract execution, and service delivery, life sciences organizations can reduce total technology costs and accelerate revenue realization


•Life Sciences organizations that respond quickly with the right talent, in the right place, at the right time will have a unique advantage in the marketplace 

•Because talent is a competitive edge, sourcing the best mix of benefits to nurture skilled employees is critical to improve retention rates

•Sourcing and managing cost-effective HR partners to support talent management effectively helps align business strategy and execution


•Regulatory requirements are changing the way companies manage operational risk 

•Outsourcing or the use of third-party service providers requires contracts, statements of work, and invoice approvals that are auditable and have clear definitions of responsibility

•Invoices for complex services, such as consulting, legal, or audit fees, may not have a purchase order. Best-in-class firms utilize automated procure-to-pay invoice verification directly against contract terms


COO, midmarket services firm

“WG and I go back almost a decade now. When I want IT, I don’t look anywhere else.”

VP of IT, major tech company

 “Adam, Denis and the WG team knew Ariba, knew our businesses and were able to transform our entire procure to pay process and keep climbing .”

Director of Procurement, biotech firm

"These guys took care of business. They’re very good and the price is fair.”

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